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Schell’s Pilsner

March 2, 2010

Editor’s Note: This is the fourth in a series of nine reviews on the beers of February.

This was one of the most interesting tastings of the meeting.  What was a Minnesota beer doing in little old Hampton, SC? Nobody at the meeting, outside of Terry,  knew much about this brewery so a little research was needed by our crackpot research team here at Here is what we found via the Schell’s website:

The August Schell Brewing Company is a brewing company in New Ulm, Minnesotta. It was founded by German immigrants August Schell and Jacob Bernhardt in 1860 and passed into the possession of the Schell family in 1866. It is the second oldest family-owned brewery in America and became the oldest and largest brewery in Minnesota when the company bought the Grain Belt rights in 2002.

So this brewery has some tradition, and it has according to the Minnesota Legend MBurke a loyal following in Minnesota.  So with this information in hand we present Schell’s Pilsner. Brewed to represent a classic American Pilsner (which is different in style than a Czech Pilsner) this is a great representation of the style.

Here is what the Hampton Beer Club had to say: ( You will also see the average ratings for the main categories)

  • Highest Rating 23 out of 30
  • Lowest Rating 15 out of 30
  • appearance 4.17 out of 5
  • aroma 2.08 out of 5
  • mouthfeel 3.75 out of 5
  • flavor 4 out of 5
  • overall impression  6.08 out of 10

It had an average of 20.08 on the brew-club scale, and finished ranked 7 out of 9.

Final Impressions: This was a decent pilsner. The aura of the brewer’s history, the nice packaging and clean, crisp taste all make it a worthy brew. Now if we could only find a way to get it around Hampton!

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